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Day 42 Body Beast

This is the program I'm currently doing.

This is the program I’m currently doing.

Happy Easter! I decided to update today instead of tomorrow since I’ll probably be pigging out all day and my measurements and weight will be off for tomorrow.

These are my stats from Day 1 to now. I’m excited that my chest and hip/butt went up! I’m a little confused on my waist. It looks and feels super big, but the measurements are consistent. 10250771_10203705306102806_598499034_nIMG_2012Yikes, as you can see, I did gain some weight in the midsection. I told myself that I will start cleaning up my eating. It’s been really hard to eat 2400 healthy calories! I was eating all day and full, making it up to only about 1900 calories. I still do my fit clubs for cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays for cardio. I also gave a live Insanity class to about 150 soldiers since my last blog.10178174_10203705306142807_1010893492_nLast weekend I ran a half marathon, which totally sucked! I think it was the extra weight I put on;) Well maybe because I have not ran since February. I did manage to complete it at a decent time.10256045_10203705291662445_203498667_n10248800_10203705291822449_1805267286_nSo far I must say that I am ok with my results so far! Can’t wait for the Beast/shredding stage!


Everyone Says: “Lift Heavy.” What is heavy?


How many times have you heard people tell you to lift heavy? Have you ever asked what that meant? First time I heard that, it was quite intimidating! I’m picturing the people in the gym with veins sticking out and tons of weights on the bars. Even curling 3o pound dumbbells.

This is what I pictured weights will do:women-bodybuilder-01So I always lifted super light weights about 10-12 reps. Would I break a sweat? Not really. Did I get results? Not really. Then I started to go heavier. I wanted the ‘toned’ look. Guess what- lifting heavy will give the lean, toned look.2014-03-03-whatwomenthinkwillhappenliftheavye1360469567159Now we go into the ‘lifting heavy’ part. Heavy to me is lifting enough so you are struggling in the 2nd and 3rd set! Depending on your body, it might be 5 pound weights, 10, 20 or whatever it is. Not everyone’s heavy is the same! For example, if I bench press 65lbs for 15 reps and I’m not tired, my next set of 12 will be 95pounds. And then my last set of 8 will be 95 or even 115. There’s is no point of lifting if you are not tired or feeling it! Don’t be scared to pick up those weights! Even if you start out at 5lb kickbacks and you feel the burn…..that might be your heavy.


There are so many different versions of lifting heavy. That is mine. I go off of what I experienced. So if you have a different version, please share. I’m always open for new ideas or different thoughts! I just do what works for me and like to share that with others.

Weeks 1 and 2 of Body Beast: Build Phase….aka Bulking

This is the program I'm currently doing.

This is the program I’m currently doing.

I’m currently doing Round 2 of Body Beast! It looks a bit intimidating, but it’s not! Don’t be afraid to lift weights! Weights=results!

My first round, I was scared of getting big or bulky. So I lifted heavy, but didn’t do the meal plan requirements. I actually lost weight and it broke my plateau! Here are my results from my first round.

Round 1 Body Beast Results

Round 1 Body Beast Results

Now that I am learning more about fitness, I am trying the recommended calories. This means I am eating 2400 calories a day! I just finished week 2 and I put on a couple pounds. Eating this much is hard! I tried doing a lean bulk at first, but I was too full and couldn’t get my calories up! Now I’m eating a little more junk here and there without feeling guilty. I do try to stay within the recommended macros for the program.

For supplements, I use Beachbody’s Hardcore protein shake since there’s no flavor, it goes great with my Shakeology. So yes, I also use Shakeology and sometimes Fuel Shot. Pre- workout, I rotate between E&E and C4.

photo (2)

Why am I doing this? 1. I want to lean out and get more muscle definition. 2.ABS 3. Booty 4. I want to see if bulking and leaning really work for me!  No, I’m not competing or doing any type of competition. I just like to try different things so when people ask, I can say yes it worked for me or no it didn’t. I can speak from my experience, but of course, everyone’s different.

Ok, here’s the pics…Ignore my iPhone camera quality! I need to find a different place to take them. But here are my pics from when I started and now today- beginning of week 2. (Week 1 on left and week 2 on right). Oh and ignore my HaPpY facial expressions;)

Fotor0324192844Fotor0324192553Fotor0324192644Stay posted for my next 2 week progress pics! Follow my blog by clicking the link to the right!