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Mt. Ka’ala

The Satellite is the top of Mt. Ka'ala

The Satellite is the top of Mt. Ka’ala

Mt. Ka’ala is 4,025 feet. It’s about 7-8 miles and takes about 6 hours to do. We did this hike last July, so things may of changed a bit. I don’t remember this being a hard hike……just a lot of cardio!

Directions: We just used Waianae Valley Rd in the navigation. When the road forks, take the left. There’s a parking lot and signs for hunters. Wear something bright because there are hunters in the area. We ran into 3.  Some say that this is known for break ins, so don’t leave anything valuable in your car! Park there and follow the paved road, eventually it will turn to dirt trail after about 1.5 miles.   You will pass 2 fenced in areas. The second one has a water spout where you can fill up with water.

Follow the purple ribbons and markers! There are some trails that go off so make sure to pay attention.  It’s about 4 miles to the top. It does get pretty steep, but there are ropes to help you out. Besides the incline, the only other thing that might be difficult is climbing the boulders- just depends on your hiking abilities. At about 2800 feet, you will come to 3 poles. You will also come to a fence line.

fenceYou will reach 2 boulder sections. They are a little sketchy, but not too bad. boulderboulder2boulder3Eventually the trail will turn to boards. It looked like someone placed boards because its pretty muddy. In different reviews, I read about blue moss. We didn’t see any. You will know you are at the top when you see the sign. 232323232-fp;;2-nu=3243-6-8--5;-WSNRCG=365;-6-597338nu0mrjThere was actually people up there working inside the fenced area.

Tips: Bring at least 3 liters of water! It’s a workout! Bug spray and long pants or high socks for the ferns.




climbing up

climbing up


At the top

At the top


Some flowers on the trail

Some flowers on the trail




Anamolo: Reverse Olomana Peaks 3-1

10341439_10152385314574836_3513073400941742746_nAnamolo is doing Olomana starting from the back of Ahiki- the third peak.  Most people don’t do Olomana this way and it is more difficult and dangerous then starting at peak 1. There is some trail hiking, ridges, rock climbing and lots of ropes.

Directions: This hike starts at Maunawili Demonstration Trail.  It’s in Waimanalo at the end of Waikupanaha Street. There is a small parking area on the right, right by the start. 117Go through the gate and and you will come up to this sign: Take the right.

maunawili-ditch-trail-04This is the tricky part. We attempted this trail a couple months ago. We got lost in the woods and found every color ribbon possible. Eventually we found pink that lead the trail up and found the trail.

This time we walked about 15 minutes and on the path and pay attention to the woods. We took a left into the woods. The trail was noticeable, but not marked with any ribbons. It just kept going up and there was a section of red dirt. Just keep following the trail. In some areas, its hard to see since this is not a very popular. Eventually the trail started going down and we saw pink ribbons. We didn’t like the idea of going down-knowing we needed to go up. So we made our own path up. Eventually it got steeper and you had to hold on to ferns, grass and trees to go up. There were some stakes to hold onto so someone went this way before.

At the top, it was really clear and was great picture op. Of course we took a selfie. This is our crew! 1506788_10201040007921521_3364605175537341937_n

There was a trail and we followed that and it lead to Ahiki.

Almost to the bottom of the third peak.

Almost to the bottom of the third peak.

It’s probably about 2 miles before actually reaching Ahiki. It seemed really long and felt like we were hiking forever. I forgot my GoPro head carrier so I have no pics of the base part. The first rock section was the most difficult. It was all about lifting yourself up and trusting the ropes until you found a place for your feet. Thank goodness there was 1 tree growing in the rocks that was able to assist us.

2nd part of Ahiki

2nd part of Ahiki

The 2nd part was hard too because of footing. There’s a stake holding the blue rope. Once I got close to that, I grabbed it and just pulled myself up. I think that’s where all my bruises came from.


Here’s Craig taking a break on the cliff…..yep the rest of us passed on that. Great pic, but ummm no thank you! 106


more rock climbing...

more rock climbing…

The top of Ahiki

The top of Ahiki

This is the top of Ahiki: the third peak. Don’t let the pic fool you. The ladder was swinging and it’s a big drop off. Every step I took, it shifted, making it harder to step up to the next step.

We made it to the top and continued on to peak two. The keyhole part is where you can either go through or go round…I go around it….10367729_10201039924399433_5913600181965336177_n

Coming up Peak 2

Coming up Peak 2

Then we got to the first peak, which is the best for pics.

Me and my hiking bud Rhona.

Me and my hiking bud Rhona.

The end for us and the beginning for most others.

The end for us and the beginning for most others.

Tips: Not kid friendly. This takes a lot of upper body strength. There’s a lot of spots that if you  fell, you would fall to your death. You must trust the ropes and rocks! Rocks are crumbly in some areas. This to me is an advanced hike and Stairway to Heaven an easy hike.  Bring lots of water- about 2-3 liters and go early before it gets too hot. There’s no shade except going up the 3rd and coming down the 1st peak.

Hike at your own risk and know your level. There’s nothing wrong with turning around like we did the first time we attempted it.


Ka’au Crater Rim

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.49.10 PMKa’au Crater is a pretty fun hike. In order to see the whole crater, you must hike to the top. You will climb 3 waterfalls, cross the stream several times and walk through the woods. Once you get to the top of the third waterfall or water slide, you can choose to go back down or continue on around the whole rim.

Level: In my opinion, I would say intermediate. Not kid friendly.

Directions: I use navigation and put in Waiomao Rd. It takes you to a road that veers to the right. You will pass a temple. Continue on until you see sign that says kapu or beware of dog. There’s a small parking area on the right. Park there and walk to the set of mailboxes on the left. That’s where the trail starts. Take that left at the boxes and you will immediately be greeted by a rope to go down.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.56.31 PM

This is what the beginning looked like, notice the mailboxes to the left and the signs to the right.

Once you get down the rope, you will come to the stream. Follow the stream and the pink ribbons. You cross the stream numerous times. When you come to the water pipe, use that as a guide.

Cross the stream to follow the pipe.

Cross the stream to follow the pipe.

Eventually you will come to the first waterfall. We stopped here for lunch. There was actually a place to sit and rest for a little. Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.25.41 PMKeep continuing up the trail. And it will take you to the 2nd waterfall. This one there was one section that was a little sketchy. Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.56.53 PMYou have to travel across to the 2nd waterfall. Once you are at the top of the 2nd, you will see a Memorial in the rock where someone had died. There was also a recent death and where someone fell, but survived. Don’t lean over too far to get the “perfect” shot! This is my pic of the top…I was too scared to go any closer.232323232%7Ffp93232>uqcshlukaxroqdfv;466=ot>2334=799=;4276626_6_5247ot1lsiYou’ll come to the 3rd waterfall or water slide as some may call it. There’s about 3 sections to this one. There’s a lot of rope climbing here.

climbing up the 1st part of the 3rd waterfall

climbing up the 1st part of the 3rd waterfall

More climbing

More climbing

You do have to cross the water towards the top of the 3rd waterfall. It was flowing pretty good the 2nd time we went. Just be careful and hold onto the rope. The rocks are also quite slick!

Crossing towards the top of the 3rd.

Crossing towards the top of the 3rd.

Once you get to the top of the waterfall, you can choose to take the trail left to go back or go right to continue around the rim.  The first time we took the left to go back down. You will come to an open area where there’s enough room for your group to sit down and take a break-take pics. Then you will continue until you see a pink ribbon to turn left and continue the trail down. From the waterfall to the ribbon is maybe 5-7 minutes depending on how fast you hike. If you miss it, you will be continuing around the rim.

If you go right, the rim is quite long and sketchy in some areas. It was cloudy when we went. When you come to the summit look for the pink ribbon to the left to follow it around.

Super foggy

Super foggy

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.48.45 PM

Was a coconut on the ridge.

Was a coconut on the ridge

The whole ridge took us about 7 hours. But remember towards the end to follow the ribbons to the right to go back down. Otherwise you end up at the waterfalls again.

Tips: Wear pants if doing the ridge! The ferns will scratch you. Also we were on our butts a lot going down. There are parts that are windy and can blow you off the ridge. The trail was muddy. I wore Five Fingers and they worked well with the stream crossing and mud. Prepare to spend pretty much a whole day. Bug spray, bring it. Bring about 2 liters of water and snacks. It’s loooonnnggg. We thought it was never ending! Also gloves for the ropes. There’s a lot on the waterfalls and rim. Watch your stepping. There’s some areas where you are near the edge, but super foggy. I’m not sure if it was good or bad that we couldn’t really see anything below us! Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.48.37 PM

11.2013 rim

11.2012 waterfalls

Mo’ole Valley Waterfalls 1-2

Mo’ole Valley has 8 waterfalls to it. This time we only did the 2 due to the fact we had just finished another waterfall hike and the trail to the 3rd was not marked so well.


Waterfall 2

Directions: Go towards the Pali Hwy. Veer off to the right on Nuu’anu Pali Dr. Take this street all the way down until it ends back with Pali Hwy. Park in that parking lot on the right. Hunters and other hikes use this parking lot. Make sure to lock up your valuables.  Once parked, you have to run across the hwy to the fence. There is a gate that is unlocked. Open it and enter.7885Follow the pink ribbon to the right and it will lead you to somewhat of an opening in the trees and just follow the pink ribbons around to the left. That was the most confusing part. Once you get that part, the trail is noticeable. You will be pretty much following a ditch the whole way and there are pink ribbons mark the way.

Curved trees

Curved trees

There were some interesting trees! Also make sure to watch for hunters…..scared the crap outta us!! This is a hunting area, so be careful! rty5666I think the biggest obstacle was trying to get over this tree! 5436Eventually you will get to a tunnel. When we went it was about 6 inches deep. IMG_1399IMG_1409Right after the tunnel, you will come to the first waterfall. There is a rope beside so I’m sure you could climb it.


Waterfall 1

After this go to your right and follow the trail up. Pink ribbons lead the way and you will get to the 2nd waterfall. This is suppose to be the best of the 8. IMG_1400Once you get here, I read you back track and go up to continue to the other waterfalls. We did not continue, but decided to go back since we did an earlier hike. You will have to back track and go back the same way you came.

Tips: Bring a flashlight for the tunnel and maybe old shoes or water shoes. We wore Vibram Five Fingers.




Day 27 Body Beast

This is the program I'm currently doing.

This is the program I’m currently doing.

I’m already on day 27! time is going fast. So fast that I started with the Lean workout schedule and decided to switch to the Huge Beast schedule. If I would of stuck with the lean beast, I would be in the Beast/shredding stage. I’m not ready. I want more muscle mass and not to mentionI like eating 2400 calories a day!

I did gain 6 pounds since I’ve started. It mostly went to my waist which I’m ok with for now. It should go away next month in the leaning out phase….It better! #TrustTheProcess….. My biceps and calves increased which is good. And at least my chest stayed the same….I don’t need them shrinking anymore! My diet isn’t so great, but it could be worse. It’s very hard for me to eat 2400 clean calories a day! I eat all day so I’ve been splurging here and there. Eating crap!! Today I start my 7 Day Shakeology challenge so hopefully it gets me back on track!

For those unfamiliar with the Body Beast program. It starts off by a Build and Bulk phase. During this phase, you are lifting heavy weights and eating more then normal. It is ok to gain weight! Then in the third phase, you will drop the calories/macros and lean out, leaving you with lean muscle!


Day 1-Day 27

Day 1-Day 27



Pali Puka – Nu’uanu Pali


This is short hike that leads to the puka (hole). I think this is considered an easy hike, but windy. We took the trail on the ledge, but in some spots you can cut through the trees if you are really scared of heights.

Directions: Take the Pali exit. Follow the signs in the to the Pali Lookout. You will park there. The cost is free if you are a local or military member. Once your park, instead of going to the right to the lookout, you will continue straight to where the buses park. You will jump the wall where the broken part is in the wall. You will enter a bamboo forest. Just follow the trail all the way up until you get to the ridge line.

View from the parking lot.

View from the parking lot.

The ridge line is like this. You will follow the trail past a utility pole.

The ridge line is like this. You will follow the trail past a utility pole.

There are some parts that go into the trees and a couple ropes. It is about a 30 minute hike up. Be aware that it is windy. Click the link to see my short video: Pali Puka.

Lean in to the right..at least the wind was blowing that way.

Lean in to the left..at least the wind was blowing that way.

The Puka- be careful, there's super strong winds that blow in!

The Puka- be careful, there’s super strong winds that blow in!

Going back up from the Puka.

Going back up from the Puka.

Standing on top of it. You can climb up, but just be careful! There is a rope there.

Standing on top of it. You can climb up, but just be careful! There is a rope there.

Tips: A small bottle water. It’s maybe a mile and a half there and back.

6.2013 / 3.2014


Kalihi Ice Ponds – Na Ohia Falls

First Waterfall

First Waterfall

Kalihi Falls is a nice easy, family hike. We went went it was legal. I believe it is now closed, but research it before you go.

Directions: Take H1 freeway take the Likelike exit towards Kalihi Valley. Follow that road and just past the intersection of Likelike Hwy and N. School Street, veer slightly right and then make a left turn on to Kalihi Street. Follow Kalihi Street to the very end. Nalanieha street will intersect with Kalihi Street. Find parking in this residential area. Just don’t make too much noise and don’t block driveways or mailboxes.

Once you park, walk over the bridge and go through the gate. You will pass a large tank and a couple buildings. This part of the trail is paved.  Once you get to this car, pay attention to the right. It’s maybe about 20 minutes into the hike.

My girl, Rhona, riding dirty;)

My girl, Rhona, riding dirty;)

To your right will be the trail down to the falls. There was a spray painted sign on one of the trees. There will be a steep rope part, but not difficult. Maybe a little slippery. Then you will see the swimming hole.

We climbed up the falls.

We climbed up the falls.

Climbing up wasn’t bad at all. Some people jump from the rocks, but we didn’t. Be careful with the ropes. I was surprised to see how this one was being held…


The top

The top

We didn’t take too many pictures. It was only about a mile and took maybe an hour.

Tips: Bring bug repellent.



Waimano Falls

10556_10201348025532265_1361168886_nThis is a beginner hike. I would say kid friendly, but there is one rope section and a steep hill: cardiac hill. It’s about 3.5 miles and 2 hours. But it also depends on how fast you hike, take pics, swim etc. Just beware if you swim in this one, it is known for leptospirosis:flesh eating bacteria that gets in if you have any open cuts.

Directions: The trail is at the end of Komo Mai Dr. in Aiea. It is in a residential area, so of course no blocking driveways or mailboxes.


Starting point

Take the Manana Trail and go for about an hour. It starts on a paved road, but turns into a dirt road. Make sure to pay attention. It is easy to miss. We did miss it because we were all talking and not paying attention. So if you come to a bench, turn around! Look at the trees. It is spray painted on there.


The start of the falls.

The start of the falls.

Part of the waterfall

Part of the waterfall

Some kids jumping from the ropes.

Some kids jumping from the ropes.


Our group pic

Our group pic

Tips: hmmmm- don’t really have any. Of course some water and snacks. It’s pretty shaded through the whole trail. It was a little muddy in areas. I’m glad I wore my Five Fingers.



Olomana 3 Peaks


The 3 peaks.

One of my most fun and challenging hikes! This hike consists of three peaks, Olomana, Paku’i, and Ahiki. This is an intermediate hike if you go to the first peak and advanced if you continue on. I think the reviews of all 3 peaks are worse then it really was.

Directions: GPS:  77 Auloa Rd, Kailua. I use navigation for everything so it’s kind of hard otherwise, but take H3, to Kam hwy, turn right, then left at the end of road and turn right at the light, Auloa will be off that road…. When you park, make sure you hide all valuables. There’s a lot of break ins right there.  The parking is maybe 1/4 mile if that from the turn. If you drive and come to the gate, you went to far. You will walk through the gate and the guard will just wave. On the left is the trail.


This is the start of the trail!

It is about 1.5 miles to the first peak, but it’s the highest! The incline is a nice cardio workout! There are a few sections with ropes that are not too bad. Right before you get to the top, you do have to climb a boulder. It’s not as bad as it looks. I used the rope, but have seen people not use it.

Boulder to 1st peak.

Boulder to 1st peak.

After the boulder, you are pretty much at the top. Enjoy the view and take pics! It’s the best peak for pictures!


Climbing up the 1st peak.

Going to the 2nd peak is a little more difficult, but I think if you make it to the first, you can do the 2nd.


Going to the 2nd peak.

There are some spots right towards the 2nd that you do have to be extra careful. There are ropes to help out, but I found in some areas, you don’t need them. You make the call.


Once you get to the 2nd peak is when you really have to decide if you want to continue on. The first time we went with a group of ladies, we turned around. Then I went back with my hubby and a friend and her hubby. To me, the hardest part was going down the 2nd peak. And yes this is where the last incident happened. A person did fall to their death.


Going down the 2nd. Vertical drop…

It is pretty vertical and you do have to use the ropes here. Test them before using it. My hubby went down first which helped so he could help me with my footing.


Check out how straight down it is..

After you get down from here. There are more places to climb rocks and yes if you do make a bad move, you can fall all the way down. You will come to the keyhole.


The Keyhole

Some choose to climb through it and go through the hole. But we did not risk that since there are no ropes there and I hear the rocks can give out. So we went around it.


My friend, Rhona, going around.

1185369_10201969729154467_916191590_nAnd this is what it looks like closer. It is a narrow ledge and a rope to hold on to. And yup more climbing, but once you get to the top of third, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment….but remember you have to come back. Even though some go down the other way. 945370_10201105112019579_360412105_n946693_10201105115979678_1219898810_n247511_10201105106859450_640125570_n

946956_10201945962840324_535343109_nTips: Bring lots of water and snacks! Try to go early because it does get hot!

It is 4-5 miles doing all peaks and back. Takes about 4-6 hours depending on experience, breaks, and pictures.


Koko Head


The shortest and most challenging hike! It’s 1,048 stairs to the top! It’s a great cardio workout! You have a great view of Hanauma Bay and Hawaii Kai.

Directions: Parking is at Koko Head District Park. This is the address: 423 Kaumakani St. Honolulu.


Once you get to the trailhead, don’t get scared! It looks intimidating, but just go one step at a time! Take breaks! I’ve done this trail over 7 times now. It’s still hard!


There is a bridge at about 500 steps. You can go across it or go around it. Just be careful and it gets pretty slippery! I fell running down it and it was not pretty. I posted the video on YouTube.


The bridge

After the bridge, it is steeper. Just take your time and enjoy the view from the top.

Bring water and a snack!

I time myself every time I do this. I’m still trying to beat my PR going up! (21 min)

Sunset, but it gets dark pretty quick!

Sunset, but it gets dark pretty quick!