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My experience at Amazon Go

I read an article on Facebook about Amazon Go and never knew it even existed. It is a convenience store with snacks, lunches, meals and even some alcohol. What makes it unique is that there are no cashiers or cash registers. You walk in and walk out…pretty much like shop lifting but it is legal.

How it works: you must download the Amazon Go App. Before entering the store you must scan it. I had my daughter with me and she did not not have the app so I scanned, she walked in first and then I scanned again and walked in.

We walked around the tiny store. Took about 5 minutes and longer on deciding what cheap thing to buy. It was pricey but it is downtown Seattle. We ended up with a sandwich, drink and cookie and the Amazon Go tote bag. I kept the app open the whole time, nervous it won’t work while trying to take pics.

So after a couple minutes it was time to leave: hoping my app is working and some crazy alarm won’t go off while exiting. We made it and it was simple….just walk out.

Nothing happened and we got out the store in one piece. About a minute after leaving, the app updated and gave my my receipt. Pretty neat experience since it might be the way to shop in the future.


Flax Granola

Flax granola….yep it’s just flax seeds and whatever other toppings you want to add. I hate blogs that give you a huge story and then you have to continue to read well scroll all the way to the end just to get the recipe. So I won’t do that. Here it is. I got it from the Plan book. There’s 2 parts to this.

Part 1:

1 cup flax seeds

1/2 cup water.

Stir together and let sit overnight in fridge.

Part 2:

Preheat oven to 300

Place parchment paper on cookie sheet.

Poor flax seeds on cookie sheet and bake for an hour. Keep checking and stirring until all water is absorbed. About an hour. After 50 minutes add raisins, craisins, almonds etc….. bake 10 min. That is it!

‚ěĖWhen I make this, I use 3 cups of flax seeds. 1 1/2 cups water. 1/2 c almonds, 1/2 c craisins, 1/2 c raisins. This usually lasts about 5 days for 1 cup servings. Then I add 1/2 c blueberries and coconut milk.

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Leggings Review

So I got these new leggings in the mail FINALLY. It took about a month. Normally my stuff from Ali comes 2-3 weeks. This was the longest wait ever! They are cute though!

Anyways. I was excited and tried them on. Wasn’t expecting the back to be white. What underwear do you wear with white? I tried boy shorts…thong and briefs and it was a NO. Tried going commando and that was a bigger NO GO….dimples were showing. The best I found was the seamless undies. I did the squat test, bend over test etc!

Not bad for under $10. I’ve seen these sell on Facebook for $24.99 and higher! Check it out here!


I was just hoping I was going to look like the model in the pic.ūüėāūüėā

Patchwork Leggings Review

Have you seen these advertised on Facebook or other social media platforms? These are only $7.50 on Ali Express! If you never ordered from Ali, try it!!! This is where most people get their items that they sell!

Anyways to my review. One of my friends did order these to test them out. Free shipping and it came in about 20 days. She went a size larger. The leggings were not see through and fit great! Check them out here: Patchwork Leggings

You can also click the ship button on top and look through my other items!

Leggings Rip Off!!!!

Lately I have been seeing tons of leggings advertisements!¬† Mostly on Facebook ads! I hate to break it to you……they pay less then $10 to get these leggings! If you don’t believe me, check out the pics and links below! I will never buy leggings off a Facebook ad again!

Make sure to keep scrolling and hit that follow me button! I will continue to add more when I see different ones!

Angel Leggings: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/QNBaQVn

Arrow Leggings:  http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/NvJYNrF

Fashion Heart Mesh Splice Leggings:  http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/auVzFEM


Patchwork Leggings:  http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/zBQVfiU



Reflective Leggings:  http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bQZzvjq



Quinoa Chili



  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1/2 tbsp EEVO
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 (14.5 oz) can diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 (15 oz) can tomato sauce
  • 1 1/2 ¬†cups water
  • 1/2 ¬†(7 oz) can diced green chiles
  • 1¬†Tbsp chili powder – I added a bit more at the end
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp granulated sugar
  • 1/4 tsp ground coriander
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper- I added more at end
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 (15 oz) can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 (15 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
  • Cheese for topping and/or Greek yogurt


Heat olive oil in a  over medium-high heat. Add onion and cook til tender, add in garlic. Add in diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, cooked  quinoa, water, green chiles, chili powder, cumin, paprika, sugar, coriander, cayenne pepper and season with salt and pepper to taste. Bring mixture just to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer, cover pot and allow to simmer 30 minutes.

Add in all beans and cilantro  and cook until heated through.  I added more water, chili powder and cheyenne.

Add cheese and Greek yogurt (for sour cream)


I put in myfitnesspal as 6 servings:  (without toppings)

Calories: 208

Fat: 2.2

Carbs: 37.1

Protein: 10.7

My 90 Day Fitness Journey


IMG_2984My 3 Month Fitness Journey:  I learned that I love bulking and suck at leaning out! Also that Fitness competitions are not my thing and would rather nail every obstacle at a Spartan Race or apply for American Ninja Warrior. I was secretly deciding to enter the Beachbody Classic at Vegas this month, but nope maybe in the future, future.  I also learned I appreciate and love counting my macros instead. #IIFYM

To Start off these are my measurements. I started on March 10, 2014 and ended on June 7th.

10169234_10204070734718293_6557737053166784279_n (1)I love the Body Beast program! It’s great to do at home or the gym. Especially if you don’t know what to do once you get to the gym or at home. When I worked out at home I used the Bowflex Adjustable weights and a stability ball. That’s the only equipment. Lifting was between 8-30 pound dumbells. It depended on what the exercise was and type of set. ¬†I dropped my cardio to 1-2 times a week during the first 9 weeks. After that I added more to it.

Ok so the HARD part: EATING!!! Ok I should of done a better lean bulk. I had to eat 2400 calories a day! I started the first few weeks really good, but it was so hard to eat clean. I was eating nonstop and felt full where I couldn’t eat enough, so I went the easy way and ate more junk then I was use to. Here are my progress pics from the beginning.10173226_10203610927943411_648610433_n10154873_10203610927903410_551023053_n


Day 1-Day 27

Day 1-Day 27

In 27 days, I didn’t put too much weight on. But by week 9 I had gained 11 pounds. ¬†It was time to shred this crap off! I mean crap- literally! I was suppose to go down to 1200 calories a day….now remember I was at 2400 and had to immediately drop down to 1200! Who does that???? Well not me! I tried and was starving! I don’t know how these competitors do it! I am not disciplined enough to do it! So I had to go back to 1500 calories and kept my macros at 40p/30c/20f. After my 3 weeks of modified leaning out, I dropped 5 pounds and 8 inches. I’m not mad at that. I figured it took me 9 weeks to gain so I don’t plan on losing in 3. Here are the rest of my pics.

IMG_3083IMG_3067IMG_3062So…. I may not look as fit as I started, but guess what- hard work and dedication will get me back there! I am so much happier not having to starve cause that was just plain miserable! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blogg! Check back and I’ll have more updated pics and posts!

Body Beast Program

If you would like more info in Body Beast or need the extra motivation, contact me:




Mt. Ka’ala

The Satellite is the top of Mt. Ka'ala

The Satellite is the top of Mt. Ka’ala

Mt. Ka’ala is 4,025 feet. It’s about 7-8 miles and takes about 6 hours to do. We did this hike last July, so things may of changed a bit. I don’t remember this being a hard hike……just a lot of cardio!

Directions: We just used Waianae Valley Rd in the navigation. When the road forks, take the left. There’s a parking lot and signs for hunters. Wear something bright because there are hunters in the area. We ran into 3. ¬†Some say that this is known for break ins, so don’t leave anything valuable in your car! Park there and follow the paved road, eventually it will turn to dirt trail after about 1.5 miles. ¬† You will pass 2 fenced in areas. The second one has a water spout where you can fill up with water.

Follow the purple ribbons and markers! There are some trails that go off so make sure to pay attention. ¬†It’s about 4 miles to the top. It does get pretty steep, but there are ropes to help you out.¬†Besides the incline, the only other thing that might be difficult is climbing the boulders- just depends on your hiking abilities. At about 2800 feet, you will come to 3 poles. You will also come to a fence line.

fenceYou will reach 2 boulder sections. They are a little sketchy, but not too bad.¬†boulderboulder2boulder3Eventually the trail will turn to boards. It looked like someone placed boards because its pretty muddy. In different reviews, I read about blue moss. We didn’t see any. You will know you are at the top when you see the sign.¬†232323232-fp;;2-nu=3243-6-8--5;-WSNRCG=365;-6-597338nu0mrjThere was actually people up there working inside the fenced area.

Tips: Bring at least 3 liters of water! It’s a workout! Bug spray and long pants or high socks for the ferns.




climbing up

climbing up


At the top

At the top


Some flowers on the trail

Some flowers on the trail




Anamolo: Reverse Olomana Peaks 3-1

10341439_10152385314574836_3513073400941742746_nAnamolo is doing Olomana starting from the back of Ahiki- the third peak.¬† Most people don’t do Olomana this way and it is more difficult and dangerous then starting at peak 1. There is some trail hiking, ridges, rock climbing and lots of ropes.

Directions: This hike starts at Maunawili Demonstration Trail.¬† It’s in Waimanalo at the end of Waikupanaha Street. There is a small parking area on the right, right by the start. 117Go through the gate and and you will come up to this sign: Take the right.

maunawili-ditch-trail-04This is the tricky part. We attempted this trail a couple months ago. We got lost in the woods and found every color ribbon possible. Eventually we found pink that lead the trail up and found the trail.

This time we walked about 15 minutes and on the path and pay attention to the woods. We took a left into the woods. The trail was noticeable, but not marked with any ribbons. It just kept going up and there was a section of red dirt. Just keep following the trail. In some areas, its hard to see since this is not a very popular. Eventually the trail started going down and we saw pink ribbons. We didn’t like the idea of going down-knowing we needed to go up. So we made our own path up. Eventually it got steeper and you had to hold on to ferns, grass and trees to go up. There were¬†some stakes to hold onto so someone went this way before.

At the top, it was really clear and was great picture op. Of course we took a selfie. This is our crew! 1506788_10201040007921521_3364605175537341937_n

There was a trail and we followed that and it lead to Ahiki.

Almost to the bottom of the third peak.

Almost to the bottom of the third peak.

It’s probably about 2 miles before actually reaching Ahiki. It seemed really long and felt like we were hiking forever. I forgot my GoPro head carrier so I have no pics of the base part. The first rock section was the most difficult. It was all about lifting yourself up and trusting the ropes until you found a place for your feet. Thank goodness there was 1 tree growing in the rocks that was¬†able to assist us.

2nd part of Ahiki

2nd part of Ahiki

The 2nd part was hard too because of footing. There’s a stake holding the blue rope. Once I got close to that, I grabbed it and just pulled myself up. I think that’s where all my bruises came from.


Here’s Craig taking a break on the cliff…..yep the rest of us passed on that. Great pic, but ummm no thank you!¬†106


more rock climbing...

more rock climbing…

The top of Ahiki

The top of Ahiki

This is the top of Ahiki: the third peak. Don’t let the pic fool you. The ladder was swinging and it’s a big drop off. Every step I took, it shifted, making it harder to step up to the next step.

We made it to the top and continued on to peak two. The keyhole part is where you can either go through or go round…I go around it….10367729_10201039924399433_5913600181965336177_n

Coming up Peak 2

Coming up Peak 2

Then we got to the first peak, which is the best for pics.

Me and my hiking bud Rhona.

Me and my hiking bud Rhona.

The end for us and the beginning for most others.

The end for us and the beginning for most others.

Tips: Not kid friendly. This takes a lot of upper body strength. There’s a lot of spots that if you¬† fell, you would fall to your death. You must trust the ropes and rocks! Rocks are crumbly in some areas. This to me is an advanced hike and Stairway to Heaven an easy hike.¬† Bring lots of water- about 2-3 liters and go early before it gets too hot. There’s no shade except going up the 3rd and coming down the 1st peak.

Hike at your own risk and know your level. There’s nothing wrong with turning around like we did the first time we attempted it.


Bacon and Egg Mug Scramble


This is a super quick and easy breakfast for those on the go! These are the only ingredients you will use unless you want to change it up!


1/2 cup egg whites or egg beaters

1tbsp cheese

1tbsp real bacon bits

1 mushroom

1tbsp onion



Spray your mug with cooking spray. Add all the ingredients and stir it together. Put it in the microwave for 1 minute and stir and then microwave it again for about 30 seconds. Fluff it up with your fork and voila! Breakfast is served! (I added pepper to it at the end. )