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Leggings Review

So I got these new leggings in the mail FINALLY. It took about a month. Normally my stuff from Ali comes 2-3 weeks. This was the longest wait ever! They are cute though!

Anyways. I was excited and tried them on. Wasn’t expecting the back to be white. What underwear do you wear with white? I tried boy shorts…thong and briefs and it was a NO. Tried going commando and that was a bigger NO GO….dimples were showing. The best I found was the seamless undies. I did the squat test, bend over test etc!

Not bad for under $10. I’ve seen these sell on Facebook for $24.99 and higher! Check it out here!


I was just hoping I was going to look like the model in the pic.😂😂

My 90 Day Fitness Journey


IMG_2984My 3 Month Fitness Journey:  I learned that I love bulking and suck at leaning out! Also that Fitness competitions are not my thing and would rather nail every obstacle at a Spartan Race or apply for American Ninja Warrior. I was secretly deciding to enter the Beachbody Classic at Vegas this month, but nope maybe in the future, future.  I also learned I appreciate and love counting my macros instead. #IIFYM

To Start off these are my measurements. I started on March 10, 2014 and ended on June 7th.

10169234_10204070734718293_6557737053166784279_n (1)I love the Body Beast program! It’s great to do at home or the gym. Especially if you don’t know what to do once you get to the gym or at home. When I worked out at home I used the Bowflex Adjustable weights and a stability ball. That’s the only equipment. Lifting was between 8-30 pound dumbells. It depended on what the exercise was and type of set.  I dropped my cardio to 1-2 times a week during the first 9 weeks. After that I added more to it.

Ok so the HARD part: EATING!!! Ok I should of done a better lean bulk. I had to eat 2400 calories a day! I started the first few weeks really good, but it was so hard to eat clean. I was eating nonstop and felt full where I couldn’t eat enough, so I went the easy way and ate more junk then I was use to. Here are my progress pics from the beginning.10173226_10203610927943411_648610433_n10154873_10203610927903410_551023053_n


Day 1-Day 27

Day 1-Day 27

In 27 days, I didn’t put too much weight on. But by week 9 I had gained 11 pounds.  It was time to shred this crap off! I mean crap- literally! I was suppose to go down to 1200 calories a day….now remember I was at 2400 and had to immediately drop down to 1200! Who does that???? Well not me! I tried and was starving! I don’t know how these competitors do it! I am not disciplined enough to do it! So I had to go back to 1500 calories and kept my macros at 40p/30c/20f. After my 3 weeks of modified leaning out, I dropped 5 pounds and 8 inches. I’m not mad at that. I figured it took me 9 weeks to gain so I don’t plan on losing in 3. Here are the rest of my pics.

IMG_3083IMG_3067IMG_3062So…. I may not look as fit as I started, but guess what- hard work and dedication will get me back there! I am so much happier not having to starve cause that was just plain miserable! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blogg! Check back and I’ll have more updated pics and posts!

Body Beast Program

If you would like more info in Body Beast or need the extra motivation, contact me:




Mo’ole Valley Waterfalls 1-2

Mo’ole Valley has 8 waterfalls to it. This time we only did the 2 due to the fact we had just finished another waterfall hike and the trail to the 3rd was not marked so well.


Waterfall 2

Directions: Go towards the Pali Hwy. Veer off to the right on Nuu’anu Pali Dr. Take this street all the way down until it ends back with Pali Hwy. Park in that parking lot on the right. Hunters and other hikes use this parking lot. Make sure to lock up your valuables.  Once parked, you have to run across the hwy to the fence. There is a gate that is unlocked. Open it and enter.7885Follow the pink ribbon to the right and it will lead you to somewhat of an opening in the trees and just follow the pink ribbons around to the left. That was the most confusing part. Once you get that part, the trail is noticeable. You will be pretty much following a ditch the whole way and there are pink ribbons mark the way.

Curved trees

Curved trees

There were some interesting trees! Also make sure to watch for hunters…..scared the crap outta us!! This is a hunting area, so be careful! rty5666I think the biggest obstacle was trying to get over this tree! 5436Eventually you will get to a tunnel. When we went it was about 6 inches deep. IMG_1399IMG_1409Right after the tunnel, you will come to the first waterfall. There is a rope beside so I’m sure you could climb it.


Waterfall 1

After this go to your right and follow the trail up. Pink ribbons lead the way and you will get to the 2nd waterfall. This is suppose to be the best of the 8. IMG_1400Once you get here, I read you back track and go up to continue to the other waterfalls. We did not continue, but decided to go back since we did an earlier hike. You will have to back track and go back the same way you came.

Tips: Bring a flashlight for the tunnel and maybe old shoes or water shoes. We wore Vibram Five Fingers.




Day 27 Body Beast

This is the program I'm currently doing.

This is the program I’m currently doing.

I’m already on day 27! time is going fast. So fast that I started with the Lean workout schedule and decided to switch to the Huge Beast schedule. If I would of stuck with the lean beast, I would be in the Beast/shredding stage. I’m not ready. I want more muscle mass and not to mentionI like eating 2400 calories a day!

I did gain 6 pounds since I’ve started. It mostly went to my waist which I’m ok with for now. It should go away next month in the leaning out phase….It better! #TrustTheProcess….. My biceps and calves increased which is good. And at least my chest stayed the same….I don’t need them shrinking anymore! My diet isn’t so great, but it could be worse. It’s very hard for me to eat 2400 clean calories a day! I eat all day so I’ve been splurging here and there. Eating crap!! Today I start my 7 Day Shakeology challenge so hopefully it gets me back on track!

For those unfamiliar with the Body Beast program. It starts off by a Build and Bulk phase. During this phase, you are lifting heavy weights and eating more then normal. It is ok to gain weight! Then in the third phase, you will drop the calories/macros and lean out, leaving you with lean muscle!


Day 1-Day 27

Day 1-Day 27


Run While You Can!


I’ve never really been a runner! I always told myself, “I hate running or running sucks!” I was never fond of it. Even in the military, we had to run three times a week. I wouldn’t never make it. I would fall out of the run and try to sneak off if it was possible. I would even walk and they would have to wait for me. I was not good at it! So I never really tried too hard….

While living in Germany, my friend, Hayat, wanted me to train with her for the Amsterdam marathon. I agreed to it. It was cold in Germany. We ran in the morning and it was slow….I mean it took like an hour to do 3-4 miles. It was to the point where I wasn’t really helping Hayat at all, but slowing her down….and she’s an awesome runner by the way! I had quit training with her. I couldn’t hang.


That’s Hayat in the blue.

Well, I didn’t run so much after that until coming to Hawaii. My husband, Darrell and I ran 2-3 miles every once in awhile, but I was dreading it and kept complaining. I could barley make it! Then my friend, Nathacha, asked me to do the Great Aloha Run in 2012. I still remember her saying….”it’s only 8 miles.” I agreed to it and survived! We did a steady pace.


My friend Nathacha- she’s not even tired….waving and I’m about to die!

After this, I went back to running about 10 miles a month-i f that. Did the Color Run and Torch Run, which were 5K’s. Then in August of 2012, I got this crazy idea to run the marathon: 26.2 miles! I said….I have plenty of time to train….nope didn’t train, well not with running. I did Insanity and some weight training most of the time instead. I did make it in 5:30 which isn’t too bad.


Even after that, I still would say how much I hated running! It was brutal! At mile 20, my legs felt like they were going to fall off! I wanted to quit, but I made it that far so I might as finish. I posted on my Facebook Fan page how it sucked, how I hated it, and how bad it was for me. Someone commented on my post. They said, ” I should be glad that I can run.” The person wrote how they were in an accident and wished they could run. They will never be able to run again! It made me think. Ya they were right! I should be glad I’m still able to do it. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go….YOU’RE still a runner!

Since then I have done 2 marathons, 2 half and a few 5 and 10K’s. I also share to others that say how they hate running that they should be glad they can. There’s a lot of people that want to, but can’t.

Remember 1 mile is 1 mile!



Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I finally decided to start blogging. I’ve tried this before, but I’m not too good at the technical parts of setting the pages up! Just a little about me, I grew up in WI, but now living in Hawaii-thanks to the Army. My hubby is active duty. I got out in 1999. I was a 92A. We have a 15 year old daughter who I do homeschool for now. We lived in Ft. Irwin, Ft Bragg, Baumholder Germany for 9 years. We haven’t lived in the mainland since 2001:/  

I’m a fitness addict. I love weights and Insanity. I’m not a fan of running, but I do it! I ran 2 half marathons and 2 full. My training for the first one consisted of Insanity! I love to hike here in Hawaii and keep myself busy.  I’m currently bulking and doing the Body Beast workout. I’m trying to lean up so I thought this is the way to go! 

Follow my fitness journey and I’d love to hear about yours! If you are not on a journey,  lets get on one! Sweat Won’t Hurt You! Hasn’t killed anyone!