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Stairway to Heaven Oahu, Hawaii


My friends and I did this in 9/2012 and 5/2013. First of all, I use to be scared of heights! So the first time going, I almost quit! But we met some awesome people that talked us into continuing on to the top. It was worth it! Even thought I kept my head down looking right at the stair in front of me.

The second time was much easier. It really is an easy/intermediate if not easy hike! You have railings to hold on the whole way. Plus there’s no ropes to climb!

First of all this is an illegal hike if you start at the bottom of the stairs! Please be quiet once you get to the neighborhood and park!



This is in Haiku Village in Kaneohe.

Take the Interstate H-1 W/Lunalilo Fwy ramp to HI-61 N/Pali Hwy. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate H1 W and merge onto I-H-1 W/Lunalilo Fwy. Take exit 20A to merge onto HI-63 N/Kalihi St toward Likelike. Hwy Continue to follow HI-63 N. Take the HI-83/Kahekili Hwy ramp. Merge onto HI-83 W (signs for Kahekilli Hwy). Turn left onto Kahuhipa.

Once at Haiku Village, drive to Kuneki Pl. to park. But don’t park in front of driveways or mailboxes. This will upset the locals and who knows….your car might get broken into.

Walk to the corner of Kuneki St. and Makena St., here, you will find a gate- as pictured. Go around the gate and continue up the road until you come to the first fork in the road. Take the left and keep going until you see the second for and make a right. Look to your left and there should be a path going into the woods. Sometimes people leave water bottles or something as a sign that, that is where you go.  Take that path until you get to a paved road and then take a left. There might be a blue tarp or shelter where the guard stands. If he’s there he will start yelling and shine his light at you. Just turn around and go back. Take a right into the grass while walking towards the H-3 freeway above you. You will soon find another gate that you will have to contour from the left side to reach the stairs. It is now 3,922. Remember: left, right, left, blue tarp/guard shack.

Then just climb away! You will come to the first landing…To me, that was the more tiring part and the rest is much easier.

At night

At night

941467_10201238757560634_398613612_nTips: Bring gloves. I used weight lifting gloves. It’s usually wet and slick. Wear good shoes. Don’t wear a poncho or big backpack. I did that and regretted it. The poncho blew in my face so instead of just worrying about the stairs, I had to keep taking the poncho out my face! The large backpack kept getting stuck on some of the rails. It is pretty narrow. And is very hard to go around people.  Bring a jacket, blanket or sweatshirt. It’s very cold at top!

The top- it's usually crowded and cloudy.

The top- it’s usually crowded and cloudy.

I personally think Koko Head is more challenging!


This is at the end going back towards the car.