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Olomana 3 Peaks


The 3 peaks.

One of my most fun and challenging hikes! This hike consists of three peaks, Olomana, Paku’i, and Ahiki. This is an intermediate hike if you go to the first peak and advanced if you continue on. I think the reviews of all 3 peaks are worse then it really was.

Directions: GPS:  77 Auloa Rd, Kailua. I use navigation for everything so it’s kind of hard otherwise, but take H3, to Kam hwy, turn right, then left at the end of road and turn right at the light, Auloa will be off that road…. When you park, make sure you hide all valuables. There’s a lot of break ins right there.  The parking is maybe 1/4 mile if that from the turn. If you drive and come to the gate, you went to far. You will walk through the gate and the guard will just wave. On the left is the trail.


This is the start of the trail!

It is about 1.5 miles to the first peak, but it’s the highest! The incline is a nice cardio workout! There are a few sections with ropes that are not too bad. Right before you get to the top, you do have to climb a boulder. It’s not as bad as it looks. I used the rope, but have seen people not use it.

Boulder to 1st peak.

Boulder to 1st peak.

After the boulder, you are pretty much at the top. Enjoy the view and take pics! It’s the best peak for pictures!


Climbing up the 1st peak.

Going to the 2nd peak is a little more difficult, but I think if you make it to the first, you can do the 2nd.


Going to the 2nd peak.

There are some spots right towards the 2nd that you do have to be extra careful. There are ropes to help out, but I found in some areas, you don’t need them. You make the call.


Once you get to the 2nd peak is when you really have to decide if you want to continue on. The first time we went with a group of ladies, we turned around. Then I went back with my hubby and a friend and her hubby. To me, the hardest part was going down the 2nd peak. And yes this is where the last incident happened. A person did fall to their death.


Going down the 2nd. Vertical drop…

It is pretty vertical and you do have to use the ropes here. Test them before using it. My hubby went down first which helped so he could help me with my footing.


Check out how straight down it is..

After you get down from here. There are more places to climb rocks and yes if you do make a bad move, you can fall all the way down. You will come to the keyhole.


The Keyhole

Some choose to climb through it and go through the hole. But we did not risk that since there are no ropes there and I hear the rocks can give out. So we went around it.


My friend, Rhona, going around.

1185369_10201969729154467_916191590_nAnd this is what it looks like closer. It is a narrow ledge and a rope to hold on to. And yup more climbing, but once you get to the top of third, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment….but remember you have to come back. Even though some go down the other way. 945370_10201105112019579_360412105_n946693_10201105115979678_1219898810_n247511_10201105106859450_640125570_n

946956_10201945962840324_535343109_nTips: Bring lots of water and snacks! Try to go early because it does get hot!

It is 4-5 miles doing all peaks and back. Takes about 4-6 hours depending on experience, breaks, and pictures.