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Kealia to Kuaokala Trail (Dillingham)

1069838_10203114196725441_779795658_nKealia to Kuaokala Trail, AKA Dillingham. This is a pretty easy hike- depending how far you go. Most stop at the picnic table and turn around. We continued to Access Road and to Kuaokala Trail. If you do just Kealia, it’s kid friendly. Not too hard, but it does gradually incline. The hills are steeper if you continue on.

Directions: Drive towards Dillingham Air Field. You will see the Skydiving buildings on the left. Take the 3rd entrance/last entrance at the end of the air field. There is a trail sign. Drive maybe 1/4 mile and park in the parking lot to the left.  This is the view from the parking lot.

Parking lot- trail is across the street.

Parking lot- trail is across the street.

After you park, cross the street and continue into the wide open area and follow the road to the left. The first time there was an old car and plane, but they were gone the second time I went.





The trail has 19 switchbacks. Kealia ends at the picnic table.  It took us about 30 minutes to get there, but we were going a steady pace, but not running. After that we continued to Access Road. This is where you get your workout in. We sprinted some of the hills for an extra workout. The pic doesn’t show really how steep the hills are, but they are!


And yes, it’s a pig hunting area……


Stay on the road and follow the Kuaokala signs. There’s one fork that isn’t mark, take the one to the right that goes up and it will come to a dead end. Look to the right and you will see where the trail continues. It’s now a trail and not a road.

The trail that keeps going to Kuaokala.

The trail that keeps going to Kuaokala.

It seems never ending, but keep going and you will come to a pretty cool looking rock structure. Great photo opp!

We kept going past the rocks. You’ll start seeing mores signs that go towards Kealia and to Kuaokala. We kept going until we came down and found a road. It does loop, but it was raining so we turned around.


For some reason, both times it rained! If you decide to continue on, bring a lot of water and snacks! It’s tiring-especially if you decide to run it! It took us about 4 hours. But to Kealia, plan for maybe about 1.5 – 2 hours.