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Hamama Falls, Waihe’e Valley


This is a beautiful waterfall in Kaneohe. Even though many hike this trail, it is not considered legal. So I am not telling you to hike this. Enter at your risk! It’s a kid friendly hike and I heard Lost was filmed in parts of this….I didn’t really watch the show so I have no idea…

Directions: If coming from the Pali Highway or Likelike, go towards the Valley of the Temples. Pass Kamehameha Hwy and Kahekili intersection  and turn left  on Waihe’e Rd. At the end of the road is a gate. This is the beginning of the trail. Find parking in the neighborhood, but of course make sure not to block anyone’s driveway or mailbox. At the gate, you will have to go around the Keep Out sign. This land belongs to the Board of Hawaii Water Supply so yes, they can fine you for trespassing!


The trail is a dirt road road. It’s fairly flat all the way until you get past the oven grassy area.





We stopped for pictures. After this area, it does incline, but you are still on a dirt road. Some brought strollers. . The cheap umbrella stroller we had wasn’t working too well over the gravel, but the other girl with a larger stroller had no problem. You will keep going up and start to hear the falls on your right. There are pipes in front of the falls which you have to go in front of to get a good pic…or photoshop them out;)

It’s about 3 miles and takes maybe 2 hours depending on the group you go with. This hike can be easily ran if you wanted to.

Lots of bugs so bring bug spray!

Had to Flex

Had to Flex