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Everyone Says: “Lift Heavy.” What is heavy?


How many times have you heard people tell you to lift heavy? Have you ever asked what that meant? First time I heard that, it was quite intimidating! I’m picturing the people in the gym with veins sticking out and tons of weights on the bars. Even curling 3o pound dumbbells.

This is what I pictured weights will do:women-bodybuilder-01So I always lifted super light weights about 10-12 reps. Would I break a sweat? Not really. Did I get results? Not really. Then I started to go heavier. I wanted the ‘toned’ look. Guess what- lifting heavy¬†will give the lean, toned look.2014-03-03-whatwomenthinkwillhappenliftheavye1360469567159Now we go into the ‘lifting heavy’ part. Heavy to me is lifting enough so you are struggling in the 2nd and 3rd set! Depending on your body, it might be 5 pound weights, 10, 20 or whatever it is. Not everyone’s heavy is the same! For example, if I bench press 65lbs for 15 reps and I’m not tired, my next set of 12 will be 95pounds. And then my last set of 8 will be 95 or even 115. There’s is no point of lifting if you are not tired or feeling it! Don’t be scared to pick up those weights! Even if you start out at 5lb kickbacks and you feel the burn…..that might be your heavy.


There are so many different versions of lifting heavy. That is mine. I go off of what I experienced. So if you have a different version, please share. I’m always open for new ideas or different thoughts! I just do what works for me and like to share that with others.