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Hapalua Half Marathon

IMG_1861I ran my third half marathon yesterday! It was the Hapalua, Hawaii’s half. Talk about not being prepared! The last run I did was the Great Aloha Run which was in February and was 8 miles. In between that and now I maybe ran a total of 10 miles….if that!  I was excited to pick up my number and shirt.  I loved this years colors! Check it out!IMG_1830At packet pick up of course I had to take a pic! IMG_1827IMG_1845The route started in Waikiki and downtown. I was only at mile 2 and was thinking….why did I do this? I’m tired already! I’m not going to make it. Every negative thought went through my head. I tried listening to music, but it really didn’t help. I was not about mile 4 and then I had to use the bathroom! I kept thinking this is going to mess up my time! I’m not going to stop. I’m going to keep going. Then my side and stomach was hurting. I finally made it to about mile 6 and decided I have to stop and pee. I was frustrated a bit. So I stopped to take a selfie…I mean I was not feeling it!

Then the Diamond Head hill was a killer like always! I walked a lot of it, but tried to keep jogging. It’s a mind thing! I kept thinking negative so of course it was going to be a lot worse then it was. I was able to speed up coming down the hill and then there was a rainbow so of course I had to stop and take a pic! IMG_1852It was much better in person! After that was only 2 miles left. I kept thinking, it’s only 2 miles. It was the longest 2 miles ever! But I saw all these people running. Old, young, fit, not so fit and I would find someone to catch up to and keep their pace. I saw the finish line and was like: “I’m almost there.” I finally made it and was able to speed up and run to the finish! It’s a great feeling of accomplishment even though I didn’t beat my PR and had stopped a few times. I got my medal and malasada with a smile. Official time was 2:21:55. IMG_1853

My friend Raquel, who ran her first half marathon and kicked butt!

My friend Raquel, who ran her first half marathon and kicked butt!

Run While You Can!


I’ve never really been a runner! I always told myself, “I hate running or running sucks!” I was never fond of it. Even in the military, we had to run three times a week. I wouldn’t never make it. I would fall out of the run and try to sneak off if it was possible. I would even walk and they would have to wait for me. I was not good at it! So I never really tried too hard….

While living in Germany, my friend, Hayat, wanted me to train with her for the Amsterdam marathon. I agreed to it. It was cold in Germany. We ran in the morning and it was slow….I mean it took like an hour to do 3-4 miles. It was to the point where I wasn’t really helping Hayat at all, but slowing her down….and she’s an awesome runner by the way! I had quit training with her. I couldn’t hang.


That’s Hayat in the blue.

Well, I didn’t run so much after that until coming to Hawaii. My husband, Darrell and I ran 2-3 miles every once in awhile, but I was dreading it and kept complaining. I could barley make it! Then my friend, Nathacha, asked me to do the Great Aloha Run in 2012. I still remember her saying….”it’s only 8 miles.” I agreed to it and survived! We did a steady pace.


My friend Nathacha- she’s not even tired….waving and I’m about to die!

After this, I went back to running about 10 miles a month-i f that. Did the Color Run and Torch Run, which were 5K’s. Then in August of 2012, I got this crazy idea to run the marathon: 26.2 miles! I said….I have plenty of time to train….nope didn’t train, well not with running. I did Insanity and some weight training most of the time instead. I did make it in 5:30 which isn’t too bad.


Even after that, I still would say how much I hated running! It was brutal! At mile 20, my legs felt like they were going to fall off! I wanted to quit, but I made it that far so I might as finish. I posted on my Facebook Fan page how it sucked, how I hated it, and how bad it was for me. Someone commented on my post. They said, ” I should be glad that I can run.” The person wrote how they were in an accident and wished they could run. They will never be able to run again! It made me think. Ya they were right! I should be glad I’m still able to do it. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go….YOU’RE still a runner!

Since then I have done 2 marathons, 2 half and a few 5 and 10K’s. I also share to others that say how they hate running that they should be glad they can. There’s a lot of people that want to, but can’t.

Remember 1 mile is 1 mile!