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Patchwork Leggings Review

Have you seen these advertised on Facebook or other social media platforms? These are only $7.50 on Ali Express! If you never ordered from Ali, try it!!! This is where most people get their items that they sell!

Anyways to my review. One of my friends did order these to test them out. Free shipping and it came in about 20 days. She went a size larger. The leggings were not see through and fit great! Check them out here: Patchwork Leggings

You can also click the ship button on top and look through my other items!

Blue Gradient Leggings SALE


I told myself I would stop ruining their hustle….but I can’t get over how much these online stores sell these cheap leggings for! I may order these because they do have a good review on Ali Express.

Check them out here ==>>