Mo’ole Valley Waterfalls 1-2

Mo’ole Valley has 8 waterfalls to it. This time we only did the 2 due to the fact we had just finished another waterfall hike and the trail to the 3rd was not marked so well.


Waterfall 2

Directions: Go towards the Pali Hwy. Veer off to the right on Nuu’anu Pali Dr. Take this street all the way down until it ends back with Pali Hwy. Park in that parking lot on the right. Hunters and other hikes use this parking lot. Make sure to lock up your valuables.  Once parked, you have to run across the hwy to the fence. There is a gate that is unlocked. Open it and enter.7885Follow the pink ribbon to the right and it will lead you to somewhat of an opening in the trees and just follow the pink ribbons around to the left. That was the most confusing part. Once you get that part, the trail is noticeable. You will be pretty much following a ditch the whole way and there are pink ribbons mark the way.

Curved trees

Curved trees

There were some interesting trees! Also make sure to watch for hunters…..scared the crap outta us!! This is a hunting area, so be careful! rty5666I think the biggest obstacle was trying to get over this tree! 5436Eventually you will get to a tunnel. When we went it was about 6 inches deep. IMG_1399IMG_1409Right after the tunnel, you will come to the first waterfall. There is a rope beside so I’m sure you could climb it.


Waterfall 1

After this go to your right and follow the trail up. Pink ribbons lead the way and you will get to the 2nd waterfall. This is suppose to be the best of the 8. IMG_1400Once you get here, I read you back track and go up to continue to the other waterfalls. We did not continue, but decided to go back since we did an earlier hike. You will have to back track and go back the same way you came.

Tips: Bring a flashlight for the tunnel and maybe old shoes or water shoes. We wore Vibram Five Fingers.




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