Hapalua Half Marathon

IMG_1861I ran my third half marathon yesterday! It was the Hapalua, Hawaii’s half. Talk about not being prepared! The last run I did was the Great Aloha Run which was in February and was 8 miles. In between that and now I maybe ran a total of 10 miles….if that!  I was excited to pick up my number and shirt.  I loved this years colors! Check it out!IMG_1830At packet pick up of course I had to take a pic! IMG_1827IMG_1845The route started in Waikiki and downtown. I was only at mile 2 and was thinking….why did I do this? I’m tired already! I’m not going to make it. Every negative thought went through my head. I tried listening to music, but it really didn’t help. I was not about mile 4 and then I had to use the bathroom! I kept thinking this is going to mess up my time! I’m not going to stop. I’m going to keep going. Then my side and stomach was hurting. I finally made it to about mile 6 and decided I have to stop and pee. I was frustrated a bit. So I stopped to take a selfie…I mean I was not feeling it!

Then the Diamond Head hill was a killer like always! I walked a lot of it, but tried to keep jogging. It’s a mind thing! I kept thinking negative so of course it was going to be a lot worse then it was. I was able to speed up coming down the hill and then there was a rainbow so of course I had to stop and take a pic! IMG_1852It was much better in person! After that was only 2 miles left. I kept thinking, it’s only 2 miles. It was the longest 2 miles ever! But I saw all these people running. Old, young, fit, not so fit and I would find someone to catch up to and keep their pace. I saw the finish line and was like: “I’m almost there.” I finally made it and was able to speed up and run to the finish! It’s a great feeling of accomplishment even though I didn’t beat my PR and had stopped a few times. I got my medal and malasada with a smile. Official time was 2:21:55. IMG_1853

My friend Raquel, who ran her first half marathon and kicked butt!

My friend Raquel, who ran her first half marathon and kicked butt!

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