Lulumahu Falls

IMG_1420Lulumahu Falls is a easy hike that’s worth doing. The falls is beautiful and was really flowing. We had went after a couple days of rain.

Directions: Take the Pali Hwy towards Kailua and then a slight right to Nu’uanu Pali Dr. Take this road until the end where it meets back up with Pali Hwy. Park there on the right where the parking lot is. When we started we walked out the parking lot towards Nu’uanu Pali Dr. and on the left you will see this fence.

UntitledTo the left of the fence is a hole that you will crawl through.


You will follow the road. When you come to the fork, we went straight, but you can go left to take you to the meadow.

the meadow

the meadow

If you go straight, follow the trail until it brings you to a clearing, turn left to the meadow. Keep going until you see the stairs to the right. 99Continue until the stream, and then just follow the trail along the banks, crossing a few times until you reach the falls.

Crossing a stream

Crossing a stream


Selfie of course!

Selfie of course!

This was an easy hike. I would say kid friendly. There’s only like one steep part, but of course it depends on your kids’ hiking abilities. I didn’t bring anything on this hike but my GoPro and phone. It’s maybe 3 miles total.


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