Kalihi Ice Ponds – Na Ohia Falls

First Waterfall

First Waterfall

Kalihi Falls is a nice easy, family hike. We went went it was legal. I believe it is now closed, but research it before you go.

Directions: Take H1 freeway take the Likelike exit towards Kalihi Valley. Follow that road and just past the intersection of Likelike Hwy and N. School Street, veer slightly right and then make a left turn on to Kalihi Street. Follow Kalihi Street to the very end. Nalanieha street will intersect with Kalihi Street. Find parking in this residential area. Just don’t make too much noise and don’t block driveways or mailboxes.

Once you park, walk over the bridge and go through the gate. You will pass a large tank and a couple buildings. This part of the trail is paved.  Once you get to this car, pay attention to the right. It’s maybe about 20 minutes into the hike.

My girl, Rhona, riding dirty;)

My girl, Rhona, riding dirty;)

To your right will be the trail down to the falls. There was a spray painted sign on one of the trees. There will be a steep rope part, but not difficult. Maybe a little slippery. Then you will see the swimming hole.

We climbed up the falls.

We climbed up the falls.

Climbing up wasn’t bad at all. Some people jump from the rocks, but we didn’t. Be careful with the ropes. I was surprised to see how this one was being held…


The top

The top

We didn’t take too many pictures. It was only about a mile and took maybe an hour.

Tips: Bring bug repellent.



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